Whenever we meet – in a tea house in Munich for a cup of tea or for a stroll in the streets of a small Italian town – the subject of beauty, of a work of music or sculpture or architecture always comes up, not because we want to have "smart conversations", but because Anja Lechner has endless questions and ideas in her on these matters. It is as if she has an inexhaustible urge to get acquainted with values still unknown yesterday to herself and many of her friends, to make them hers, and especially to bring them into her performance world.

Anja is her cello's faithful friend. And it seems to me that her ever-growing knowledge and life experience are amassed solely to be dedicated to her cello.

During her visit to Armenia, as we walked in the mountains and visited ancient churches breathing in nature, I looked at the landscape and the monasteries through her eyes too. And at that moment, both the church and Anja herself were truly very beautiful.

When she plays my music, of course, I hear the "lessons" she has learned from the nature of Armenia, from its churches, as well as from the phonetics and prosody of the Armenian language.

At each one of her concerts, I hear how she creates means for her rich emotional world to render her performance not only beautiful, but also authentic. This is how Saluzzi's world becomes hers, how she makes her own the musical realities of Tarkovsky, Gurdjieff, Silvestrov and other works that do not yet have a solid tradition of performance.

Anja Lechner's cello is an open window welcoming all pure sounds of music coming from all corners of the world.

Tigran Mansurian